The BR163 Expedition

The second stage of the project will take place along the BR163 Expedition. An interactive cross-platform documentary – documenting changes along the BR163 road being built through the heart of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.

Armed with the latest mobile technologies, a group of multimedia artists and technicians will go through the BR-163 road photographing, filming, doing GPS mapping, and sending online texts via mobile phones to multiplataform device.

The documentary takes the form of a video record of the journey along the road in it’s current form (as a dirt track) to document the changes taking place to both the environment and the people.

The team will utilise mobile, sensor and locative technologies to sense these changes in ways that are not visible or obvious to conventional media – tracking a journey that reflects global issues of the impact of technology and urbanisation on the natural environment.

The interactive documentary can be followed by a public audience - online and on mobile phones.  The expedition will result in a website, DVD, book, and film, and link directly into the Dark Forest touring artwork, through live feeds from environmental sensors placed in the Amazon, Brazil and Sherwood Forest, UK.

It will occur as a generative interactive experience, to engage audiences by interacting with the people taking the road trip in the Amazon, to connect with the people we interview and meet along the way and the environment that we travel through.

This project will re-appropriate technologies that have been built initially for military and economic development, to be used towards social cohesion.  By using Satellite and Internet technologies as a way of bringing people together, to learn and share experiences about the world, we hope to understand the potential of communications technologies and their future roles in our lives.