The Project

The Dark Forest and BR163 Expedition is an interactive documentary exploring the impact of man’s intervention both positive and negative on the Amazon Rainforest. Using the soon to be developed road through the forest - The BR163 as a metaphor for Brazil’s emergence as a superpower and the effect of urbanisation on the natural world, as well as a physical location for the development of the project. The Dark Forest looks at myths and legends we associate with  deep forests, both real and of our imaginations.

Alongside this, a partnership between Brazil and  the UK will explore the impact of these changes to the wider world and how a forest in England can contrast shared data from the Amazon with the changes and destruction of woodland in the UK. Working with schools in both countries the project will look at how young people interpret data and how much they invest in the life of forests, as part of their future.

Forests are seen as the heart of the world, and they are slowly diminishing and changing. Learning the myths connected to forests can increase and create a new form of environmental consciousness. Bringing together “Saci Perere” and “Robin Hood” to join forces in helping protecting nature is now more urgent than ever.

The Mobilefest Expedition BR 163 project is an original screenplay developed by Marcelo Godoy from newTV Production Company. After two years of research the project has joined with  Mobilefest – International Festival of Mobile Art and Creativity, with the intent of creating  an online documentary using the latest mobile technologies available.

In December 2007, Active Ingredient was invited to participate in the project, in order to add resources for mapping, location, and augmented reality, as well as to support the interactive elements of the project and develop the cultural exchange through the Dark Forest artwork and schools exchange.

The Dark Forest has been supported by The Arts Council of England East Midlands, Nottingham County Council, Nottingham City Council and UKTI.