Reflections back in the UK

Whether it is the familiar environment of the city, that us as 21st century city dwellers know best - or the unknown environment of the forest with all it’s beasts, shadows, colours, noise and fear - it seems vital to reflect on our presence in the environment.

Our presence in the forest demands that the animals retreat.  Our brightly coloured synthetic clothes bears evidence to the true forest dwellers - the insects and birds, the big cats, boar, reptiles and amphibians that inhabit the holes and caves - that an imposter is in their midst.

Is our presence in the forest really us… with the  fears, desires, longings, betrayals and friendships, all that makes us human?  Or are we infact a projection of ourselves, playing a part for the trees and wildlife to respond to? In turn does the forest become the stage for that which is unseen, the animals blinking in the shadows? Does that which we fear and seek to understand become our audience or the spectacle that we hope to transmit? By removing ourselves from the forest and transmitting data can we truly sense the forest without our presence in it?


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